1 - Mini Cleansers

1 - Mini Cleansers


We all have unique skin, there's no one-size-fits-all...

...with this in mind Pickle has created 'Minis' to give you the opportunity to experiment in order to discover the ideal combination of products to best suit you. They are also perfect for taking with you on vacation as they take up little real-estate in your luggage!


Facial Routine

Stage One - Cleansers (3 Options)

Here are 3 mini options all designed to gently clean your skin, choose from one of two deliciously creamy cleansing balms (smoothies), or for a more foaming wash - try the cleansing grains.


Option One + Two: Superfruit Smoothies


They remove impurities and dirt while retaining your skin's moisture balance. The balm is anhydrous (made without water), but transforms into a creamy milk when wet. It attracts oil and grime like a magnet, and you can easily rinse it all away. You can use a cleansing balm anytime, day or night. You can use it instead of traditional soap-based cleanser, as it is highly effective, but extremely gentle.


This version is made with the dried and powdered fruits of papaya, pineapple, guava, and mango. These tropical beauties contain high levels of vitamins and enzymes, helping to remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, improving the appearance of your skin. This works as a wonderful gentle exfoliator, rich in natural