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Face Fruit Smoothie Cleansing Balms

Face Fruit Smoothie Cleansing Balms


Superfruit Smoothie for your face!


Pickle's Strawberry Cleansing Balm was selected as the Best USA Cleanser by the judges at the 2021 USA Global Makeup Awards!!!


Check it out here!

This is a deliciously creamy cleansing balm, designed to gently clean your skin. It removes impurities and dirt while retaining your skin's moisture balance. The balm is anhydrous (made without water), but transforms into a creamy milk when wet. It attracts oil and grime like a magnet, and you can easily rinse it all away.

You can use a cleansing balm anytime, day or night. You can use it instead of traditional soap-based cleanser, as it is highly effective, but extremely gentle.


This version is made with the dried and powdered fruits of PAPAYA, PINEAPPLE, GUAVA, and MANGO. These tropical beauties contain high levels of vitamins and enzymes, helping to remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, improving the appearance of your skin. This works as a wonderful gentle exfoliator, rich in natural glycolic acids.


  • passionfruit oil
  • sunflower oil
  • organic coconut oil
  • organic castor oil
  • guava oil
  • cetearyl alcohol (a good fatty acid, not drying alcohol!)
  • vegetable emulsifying wax from olives (olivem 1000)
  • olive-based solublizer (olivem 300)
  • white kaolin clay
  • coconut milk (powdered)
  • papaya (dried)
  • mango (dried)
  • pineapple (dried)
  • guava (dried)
  • sea buckthorn oil


Made with ultra-soothing colloidal oats, this version of our cleansing balm is super gentle and emollient. Dried strawberry powder adds vitamin C and polyphenols, gently exfoliating and removing impurities.


  • sunflower oil
  • ricebran oil
  • organic castor oil
  • cetearyl alcohol (good fatty acid)
  • vegetable emulsifier (olivem 1000)
  • olive-based solubilizer (olivem 300)
  • colloidal oats
  • white kaolin clay
  • strawberry powder (dried)
  • hibiscus powder (dried)
  • lavender buds (dried and ground)
  • strawberry CO2 extract oil
  • alkanet-infused safflower oil

Instructions on use:

Option 1:
With DRY fingers, scoop out a quarter-sized dollop and gently massage all over your DRY face. It will remove makeup and is gentle enough for the eye area.
Use a warm cloth to wipe clean, or rinse with warm water. Rinse again and follow with toner and moisturizer.

Option 2:
Mix a small amount of water into a dollop of balm in your palm. Lather and apply to wet face. Massage into face and rinse clean.


*Now in a recyclable metal tin!

The statements on my potions have not been evaluated by the FDA. These potions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have skin sensitivities and/or allergies, please read the ingredients listed prior to purchasing. Each individual is responsible for doing a 24-hour patch test (on your neck underneath your hairline and/or on the inside of your elbow) before usage. Please consult your physician before using any products with essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, using on a child under the age of 12, have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, glaucoma, kidney disease, cardiac disease, liver disease, or acute respiratory disease. Do not ever take essential oils internally. Pickle's Potions is not responsible for allergic reactions, issues derived from use of products not described in application directions, or neglect to contact a physician prior to usage.

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