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moisture boost

The ultra-dryness of Winter is behind us, and many of us can now switch our daily routine to products that are a little lighter. In my opinion, essences are ideal for this season, they soak in quickly and get to where they're needed. I just added my Berry Essence to my AM routine to deal with the tightness caused by the long Maine winter and the typical night-time water-loss (TEWL). Also, the niacinamide and antioxidants are an added bonus that can help even tone and deal with UVA-damage! That said, if your skin tends towards the dry-type, you might want to bring in a product with hyaluronic acid to really focus on binding moisture to your skin.


Shed the

dull Winter skin

Those months of dry, cold Winter air often lead to a build up of dead skin cells which cause the skin to look dull as they don't reflect light the same way as new hydrated ones do. Encourage your skin cell turnover with an exfoliating, cleansing clay mask. I love my 'purifying' or 'deep cleanse' masks as a quick Spring skin perk up.

bamboo and hibiscus botanical face toner 1.jpg


Has Winter unbalanced your skin's PH level? How would you know? Well, basically if your skin is not behaving itself - acne, dry patches, redness, eczema, oiliness, signs of premature aging - it's an indicator that your skin barrier has been compromised, and although there are many possible causes for this, often it can be traced to PH problems. This is where toners can be helpful, traditionally they have been employed to recalibrate PH after cleansing and are the first step in the hydration process. Personally, right now I'm favoring my Bamboo and Hibiscus Botanical Toner because of its natural AHA content, which means I'm getting some extra assistance with exfoliation.

need to


add a little

Juxtaposed to the muted palette of Winter, Spring comes quickly with her perky green shoots and leaves that sprout up, swiftly leading into bright colorful flashes of daffodils, tulips and the delicate pastels of cherry blossoms. It's a beautiful thing that deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated in any simple way we can...a pink scrunchie, a baby blue sweater, a little color on your lips. My recommendation? Well, as a brunette, I usually lean towards the darker tone of the Chai Tea Lip Butter, but for Spring I have to go with the Rose Gold. The sheer pink enhances your lips' natural color and adds a cute, noticeable shimmer, that will put a little Spring in your step!


living space

freshen up your

As the sun reappears and temperatures climb a little, I like to open the windows and invite the cool, Spring breeze to flow through the home a little. If you live in a region like we do, that gets white in the Winter, then you probably appreciate this small pleasure after so many weeks of being shuttered up to conserve warmth. Another, lovely way to usher in a new season is to select the 'right' candle to set the mood, and I think my Lemon & Lilac is just perfect for the occasion, with its fresh citrusy top-note and sweet floral undertones! 

Farm Hands - blue square.jpg

green thumbs!

Take care of those

The advent of Spring makes us all want to get outdoors more - walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, and gardening! If like me, you have been waiting eagerly for the ground to thaw in order to get your hands stuck into the soil, then I cannot recommend my Farm Hands Hand Salve strongly enough for you. Made with local beeswax, raw honey and apricot oil infused with comfrey, calendula, plantain and lavender, it's not only moisturizing, but soothing and healing also. A must-have for green thumbs!

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