Wildcrafted Breast Care Oil

Wildcrafted Breast Care Oil


A very special, wildcrafted oil blend formulated for breast health made with a variety of herbs and oils known for their breast health benefits. Comes in a 100ml cobalt blue glass bottle with a treatment pump dispenser.


* Wildcrafted herbs from the fields around my house and/or grown in my garden, infused in camellia seed oil (green tea seed):

+ calendula
+ red clover
+ cleavers
+ St. John's wort
+ comfrey
+ plantain
+ dandelion (whole plant)
+ chamomile
+ rose

* Unrefined oils

+ organic jojoba oil
+ unrefined organic hemp seed oil
+ organic pumpkin seed oil
+ unrefined evening primrose oil
+ unrefined rosehip seed oil

* Essential oils

+ frankincense (carterri, serrata, and frereana)
+ bergamot
+ basil
+ pamarosa
+ lemongrass
+ bulgarian lavender
+ clary sage
+ grap