Blue Tansy Facial Cream Moisturizer Lotion

Blue Tansy Facial Cream Moisturizer Lotion


Perfect for sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation!

Promotes collagen production and balances skin tone! 

Introducing Pickle's Potions inflammation-fighting Blue Tansy Facial Moisturizer. This cream was first created for my own use, and then as I gifted it to others, requests came pouring in. Although I don't usually make lotions and creams, I decided to release this after beta-testing the cream on many willing volunteers. 

Made with A WEALTH OF NUTRIENT-RICH OILS AND EXTRACTS, this light, but deeply nourishing, cream glides on smoothly to soften skin and encourage regeneration of collagen. 

Each ingredient was specifically chosen for its powerful properties and regenerative benefits...


  • Jasmine hydrosol = helps even skin tone.


  • Hyaluronic acid (both low and high molecular weight) = boosts collagen synthesis and retains skin moisture, adds anti-aging benefits to the skin.