'Aura' (Anti-Aging)


About Pickle's Face Oil Range...


These serums are one of Pickle's favorite potions - I use this particular one myself twice a day, all year round. It is full of amazing healthy oils and therapeutic essential oils and is light enough for daytime wear and moisturizing enough to use alone.

These are LUXURIOUS facial oils formulated for specific skin types.

Pickle's Potions offers 5 unique, rejuvenating oil blends that are rich in vitamin E, D, C and essential fatty acids, replenishing your skin with the nutrients it needs.

Each of the blends is different and the oils used in each serum were extensively researched, are carefully handpicked, and specifically chosen for their specific attributes and benefits. I've also used botanical extracts in each blend from infusions that I make in my apothecary.

Different precious essential oils are added to the blended oil base, depending on the blend. I have developed separate synergistic blends for different skin types: mature, anti-aging, acne-prone, rosacea, and dry.

The essential oils are at a .05% total concentration, which is the maximum ratio recommended for facial care.

I can make the serum without essential oils, if desired. Please send me a message before ordering.

About this blend...


ATHENA: for mature skin (50+)
AURA: Anti-aging (20-50)

ZEUS: Anti-aging for men (20-50)
ARTEMIS: for acne-prone skin (any age)
SIRENA: for dry skin (any age)

ROSACEA: for rosacea (chronic inflammation)

Formulated with precious botanical extracts and herbs, Aura can help fortify your skin's barrier by preventing water loss. It can help firm skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by targeting signs of aging.


This serum is made from:

  • argan oil
  • marshmallow-infused apricot seed oil
  • hazelnut oil
  • hemp seed oil
  • sesame seed oil
  • jojoba oil
  • pumpkin seed oil
  • cherry kernel oil
  • evening primrose oil
  • rosehip oil
  • chrysanthemum extract
  • green tea extract
  • vitamin E


The essential oils:

  • lavender
  • geranium
  • frankincense
  • palmarosa
  • fennel
  • clary sage
  • rose otto


1 fluid oz, in a black glass bottle with a treatment pump.

  • Product Care

    This item is not meant to replace the word of a doctor. Please consult a doctor before using on severe problem areas. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using products with essential oils. Test small amount on patch of skin prior to use.

    Please use within 6 months of opening and store away from heat sources. There are no artificial fillers or binders or preservatives in this product. 

The statements on my potions have not been evaluated by the FDA. These potions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have skin sensitivities and/or allergies, please read the ingredients listed prior to purchasing. Each individual is responsible for doing a 24-hour patch test (on your neck underneath your hairline and/or on the inside of your elbow) before usage. Please consult your physician before using any products with essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, using on a child under the age of 12, have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, glaucoma, kidney disease, cardiac disease, liver disease, or acute respiratory disease. Do not ever take essential oils internally. Pickle's Potions is not responsible for allergic reactions, issues derived from use of products not described in application directions, or neglect to contact a physician prior to usage.


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