Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand Sanitizer Gel


We've all been washing our hands, some of us excessively. This can really damage our skin's natural acid mantle and leave our hands red, chapped, and overly dry.

This soothing, very gentle hand cleansing gel is highly effective and highly moisturizing. All my nurse friends have been loving it and the mild scent is perfect.

This is formulated for an end result of 64% alcohol (ethanol), which is within the effective range. It also has added hemisqualane and lactic acid to help soften the skin.

Our sanitizer dries quickly, but it gives the alcohol time to work. It dries clear and smooth, without being sticky.

One of my favorite elements is that it is extremely mildly scented. The alcohol is not overpowering and the citrus essential oils are mild and gentle. It's perfect for kids and offices. Regular hand sanitizer gives me headaches, as the fragrance is overpowering! The light citrus aroma is delicate and does not linger.

The texture is a nice gel that rubs in nicely.

* You can use this as often as desired. It is moisturizing while also providing a strong cleanse.

* there are no artificial fragrances added

*gluten free



Alcohol (64%)
Hydroxyethylcellulose (natural gelling agent)
Lactic Acid (pH balancer, softening)
Hemisqualane (moisturizer)
Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Peel, Lime, Litsea Fruit, Mandarin, and Sweet Orange Essential Oils.

This item is not meant to replace the word of a doctor. Please consult a doctor before using on severe problem areas. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using products with essential oils.

The statements on my potions have not been evaluated by the FDA. These potions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have skin sensitivities and/or allergies, please read the ingredients listed prior to purchasing. Each individual is responsible for doing a 24-hour patch test (on your neck underneath your hairline and/or on the inside of your elbow) before usage. Please consult your physician before using any products with essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, using on a child under the age of 12, have high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, glaucoma, kidney disease, cardiac disease, liver disease, or acute respiratory disease. Do not ever take essential oils internally. Pickle's Potions is not responsible for allergic reactions, issues derived from use of products not described in application directions, or neglect to contact a physician prior to usage.