Body Spray - Natural Perfume

Body Spray - Natural Perfume


A body spray which is perfect for those who don't want an overwhelming aroma or one full of artificial chemicals. 

Crafted with witch hazel, hydrosols, essential oils, and glycerin, there is no alcohol in this at all... it's safe enough to be used everywhere. 

Choose from one of Pickle's popular aroma blends, or choose 'custom' and let me know in the comments what you would like.

Lavender Grapefruit (Relaxing and luxurious lavender blended with refreshing grapefruit - lavender hydrosol with grapefruit essential oils)

Citrus Biss (Sweet orange, bergamot, basil, balsam essential oils in lavender and neroli hydrosol)

Maine Woods (pine, fir, cedarwood, bergamot, balsam in eucalyptus hydrosol)

Believe (Sweet orange, cinnamon essential oils in rosemary hydrosol)

Bergamot and Ylang ylang (bergamot essential oil in ylang ylang hydrosol)

Tangerine Vanilla (tangerine, mandarin, orange, and vanilla essential oils in lavender hydrosol)


Comes in a 4oz bottle with a misting spray top.